Timeless Tulips

Item # TUL-1438
Timeless Tulips

For the moments yet to come, send a gift as timeless as love itself--tulips.

  • 20 stems of the freshest tulips in assorted colors.  PLEASE NOTE THE COLORS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON OUR STOCK TODAY.
  • Arranged by our expert florists in a classic glass vase
  • Components may vary
  • Vase measures 8"H
  • Arrangement measures approximately 16"H x 12"D

It's a gift they'll love at a sensational value that will make you smile!

What's The Story according to Persian tradition, it is customary for a young suitor to offer a tulip to the woman he adores since the tulip is considered to be a gift from a "perfect" lover.  How sweet is that!!!

NOTE:  Tulips continue to grow in the water and reach their heads towards the light.  So in a few days you will see that the tulip arrangement looks different and that is the reason why :)  

Please change the water in the vase every couple of days for maximum perforance of the tulips.

This item is not available online. Please call for purchasing options.