LARGE PARTY Truffles 1.5oz $3.99

LARGE PARTY Truffles 1.5oz $3.99


These awesome truffles are from the Sweet Shop USA using only the finest ingredients and are hand made.

Party Truffles are SPECIALTY Truffles and are a LARGE 1.5oz size. They area fun truffles and are great for any occasion!

AND BY THE WAY, they are all DELICIOUS!                                      

PARTY HARDY: Dbl Choc Party Truffle
Party Hardy has a dark chocolate center dipped in milk and then in dark chocolate. After being drizzled in white chocolate it is topped off with sprinkles and a jelly bean.

SUNDAE BASH: Dbl Choc/Peanut Butter Party Truffle
Sundae Bash has a half dark chocolate and half peanut butter center dipped in dark and then in milk chocolate. It is drizzled with both dark and white chocolate and topped off with pecan pieces and a jelly bean.

SHOW GIRLS: Strawberry/Raspberry Party Truffle
Show Girls has a verry berry center of strawberry and raspberry puree dipped in creamy white chocolate.Topped with pink sugar crystals. This truffle is so pretty and delicious to taste!

RED VELVET CAKE:  A silky smooth and luxurious red velvet chocolate center is covered in white chocolate, drizzled with milk chocolate and topped with crystalized sugar.  

SEA SALT CARAMEL:  PARTY TRUFFLE  Luscious caramel blends with milk chocolate ganache center:  dipped in dark chocolate, then dipped with milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt..

CONFETTI: Birthday Cake Flavor Party Truffle: White chocolate center with birthday cake flavor, twice dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled with pink and yellow chocolate and topped off with sprinkles and a jelly bean!

BIRTHDAY PARTY:  Party Truffle  White chocolate with Fudge Love Center, made with a milk chocolate whipped cream center   Dipped first in dark chocolate, then in white chocolate, drizzled with pink chocolate, topped with sprinkles and a jelly bean!  Creamy fudge center!






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