The desingers at Fancies Flowers & Gifts, your local florist and flower shop, in Rapid City, SD, would LOVE to create a special bouquet for you!

We love to "freelance" design and we would like to create a beautiful arrangement of your own.

A specially designed bouquet starts at $50.00 and goes up from there.  It's not always about how many flowers are used but it's all about how they are placed in the bouquet for the most optimum enjoyment of the floral arrangement.

This time of the year we are working with lots of roses, calla lillies, orchids, stock, mini callas, lilies and more!  We are using lots of pinks, purples, lavenders, reds and white in our bouquets.  

We carry a full line of flowers in all colors including, yellow, orange, blue & green. So we are able to create any color scheme you may have in mind.

When checking out there is a special instruction comments area we would like you to leave us a few thoughts of your own or comments such as, she loves purple, no yellow flowers, white flowers would be nice, nothing that smells, loves wild flowers, roses are her favorite, he loves the color blue.  You get the idea.  We can use those comments to get us started!  Or maybe just say, have fun!!!

A $50.00 arrangement is going to be on the smaller side, going up from there the arrangements get bigger and fuller and more different flower types are used.  $75.00- $100 moves up to a larger bouquet and $100.00 on up we are able to get more creative with the flowers.  All of the arrangements are beautiful no matter what price range you choose.  

You can make your choice of the bouquet on the top right hand side under FLORIST CHOICE OPTIONS.


This item is not available online. Please call for purchasing options.