Golden Light Centerpiece

Item # FS-E38
Golden Light Centerpiece

The Golden Light Centerpiece is created in shades of yellow and white with flowers such as Lilies and  Roses and other seasonal flowers along with assorted greenery and 2 candles, either in yellow or gold, to shed some pretty light.

The linar flowers showing are Orchids and if you want them in your arrangement you have to make that choice under your OPTIONS ON THE TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE of this page.  Using Orchids in your centerpiece will increase the price of the centerpiece by $50.00 to $129.99.

We will be subtituting other linar flowers in place of the Orchids in this centerpiece for the price shown $79.99.

NOTE:  In the event you do want the Orchids in your centerpiece we will need 3-5 days advance notice to order the Orchids in for you.







This item is not available online. Please call for purchasing options.