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Caring for Your Hanging Baskets

Summer is here; which means hanging baskets are going up on porches and in backyards everywhere! Hanging baskets come in an assortment of sizes, colors, and styles and often hold geraniums or petunias. Caring for your hanging baskets this summer is easy. Just follow these tips:


Regular watering is very important for the health of the flowers in your hanging basket. Check your hanging basket daily, especially when it is extra hot outside. Water the plant if the top of the soil feels dry to the touch. When you water a hanging basket, add water until water comes out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Providing your hanging basket enough water is vital for proper growth and survival. Remember not to water the plant too much though. Allowing a pot to sit in water will keep the soil too wet and can cause mold and plant death. We recommend watering plants in the morning instead of at night. Watering plants at night leaves them wet for too long and will affect them negatively, like standing water does.


Unlike flowers planted in the ground, hanging baskets only get the nutrition that you provide them! Fertilizer is a great way to keep your baskets thriving all summer long. Add a control release fertilizer to your hanging basket when you first bring it home. Midway through the summer, begin using a water-soluble fertilizer once every other week. This will proved the flowers in your basket with a continual flow of nutrients, keeping them strong and healthy throughout the summer.


Prune the flowers in your hanging basket to keep them blooming all summer long. Both geraniums and petunias should have their old blooms removed on a regular basis to keep them blooming longer. To prune your flowers, pinch off the stems just below the base of the flowers that are wilted and old. Pruning shears can be used to keep your hands from being stained green.
For more information on maintaining your hanging baskets throughout the summer, contact Fancies Flowers & Gifts, local premier florist & flower shop, in Rapid City, SD, 57701 at 1-605-342-2829.